Private layer

Create an event chain

const chain = account.createEventChain(); // Creates an empty event chain with a valid id and last hash

Create and sign an event and add it to an existing event chain

const EventChain = require('lto-api').EventChain;
const Event = require('lto-api').Event;
const body = {
"$schema": "",
"identity": {
"$schema": "",
"id": "1bb5a451-d496-42b9-97c3-e57404d2984f"
"content_media_type": "text/plain",
"content": "Hello world!"
const chain = new EventChain('JEKNVnkbo3jqSHT8tfiAKK4tQTFK7jbx8t18wEEnygya');
chain.addEvent(new Event(body).signWith(account));