Install LTO Network full node plus supporting tools on Apple macOS Mojave.

LTO Network full node

The LTO full node is comprised of a set of Docker containers. For development, use docker compose as orchestration tool.

Docker Desktop

  1. Double-click Docker.dmg to open the installer, then drag Moby the whale to the Applications folder.

  2. Double-click in the Applications folder to start Docker.

For more detailed instructions please read the Installation guide in the Docker documentation.

Docker Desktop includes docker compose, so it's not needed to install that separately.

LTO full node

$ curl "" -o docker-compose.yml
$ docker-compose up

Live contracts tester

The live contract tester (lctest) is build on Behat and runs on PHP. It requires PHP 7+ with the mongodb and yaml PECL extension.


PHP 7 is pre-installed on macOS Mojave. Earlier versions of macOS need to update PHP using brew.

Verify that you have a correct version of PHP by running php -v in the terminal.

PECL extensions for PHP

$ pecl install mongodb
$ pecl install yaml

The yaml extension requires LibYAML, which should be pre-installed on your system.


$ curl "" -o lctest.phar
$ php lctest.phar --version

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