Private layer

Event chain

Create a new event chain

$chain = $account->createEventChain(); // Creates an empty event chain with a valid id and last hash

Note: You need to add an identity as the first event on the chain. This is not done automatically.

Create and sign an event and add it to an existing event chain

$body = [
  '$schema' => "",
  'content' => "Hello world!"

$chainId = "JEKNVnkbo3jqSHT8tfiAKK4tQTFK7jbx8t18wEEnygya";
$chainLastHash = "3yMApqCuCjXDWPrbjfR5mjCPTHqFG8Pux1TxQrEM35jj";

$chain = new LTO\EventChain($chainId, $chainLastHash);

$chain->add(new Event($body))->signWith($account);

You need the chain id and the hash of the last event to use an existing chain.

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