An event on the event chain can be compared to a transaction on a blockchain. An event has the following structure


  "timestamp": 1519883600,
  "previous": "BRFnaH3UFnABQ1gV1SvT9PLo5ZMFzH7NhqDSgyn1z8wD",
  "signKey": {
    "keyType": "ed25519",
    "publicKey": "2KduZAmAKuXEL463udjCQkVfwJkBQhpciUC4gNiayjSJ"
  "signature": "2hqLhbmh2eX2WhAgbwHhBZqzdpFcjWBYYN5WBj8zcYVKzVbnVH7mESCC9c9acihxWFwfvufnFYxxgFMgJPbpbU4N",
  "hash": "9Y9DhjXHdrsUE93TZzSAYBWZS5TDWWNKKh2mihqRCGXh",
  "mediaType": "application/json",
  "data": "base64:eyJmb28iOiJiYXIiLCJjb2xvciI6ImdyZWVuIn0="
  • previous, signKey.publicKey, signature, and hash are base58 encoded

  • data is base64 encoded, and must be prefixed with base64.

Binary schema

The binary representation is used for signing and hashing the event.

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