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Step-by-step guide of buying LTO on Binance.

Finding LTO on Binance

To find LTO on Binance simply select Markets in the bottom menu and search for LTO. Binance currently offers two trading pairs for LTO:
LTO Markets on Binance.
This means you will need either USDT or BTC on Binance first before you can buy LTO. The easiest way is to buy USDT or BTC directly on Binance and you're good to go.
If you already own BTC or USDT you can also simply transfer them to your Binance account.
All that's left now is buying LTO and transferring it to your LTO web wallet to stake it.

Buying LTO on Binance

Once you selected your LTO pair you need to click the buy button. This will open a new view where you now can choose how many LTO to buy. When specifying the amount of LTO you can also click on the 25% / 50% / 75% / 100% to select a percentage of your funds for the current purchase. The last step is to click Buy LTO and you're the proud owner of LTO tokens!
Market overview (left) and order overview (right).

Transferring LTO from Binance

After you bought your LTO they can be found in your spot wallet. To get there click the Wallets tab and select Spot to get the overview of your crypto tokens. Select LTO and you will be able to see your currently available tokens.
Location of the spot wallet (left) and the content of the LTO wallet (right).
Select Withdrawal to start the process. The most important step of the transfer starts now, as you need to provide the recipient information:
  • Address - the wallet address you transfer your LTO tokens to
  • Network - this is chosen automatically by the app depending on the address you provided
  • Amount - how much LTO are you transferring
Example withdrawal to LTO mainnet.


Binance automatically parses the address you enter, meaning you can use an LTO mainnet address, an ERC-20 address, or even BEP-20 or BEP-2.
To avoid mistakes simply copy your LTO wallet address by clicking it in the web wallet and pasting it into the address field on Binance.


Based on the format of the address Binance decides which network to use. You usually don't need to change anything. For the sake of simplicity, we assume you used an LTO mainnet address.
If you want to stake your LTO on the mainnet you have to use the web wallet at present. If you don't want to stake your LTO you can also directly transfer to, e.g., MetaMask by providing your ERC-20 address and choosing ERC-20 as the Network.


Choose the amount you want to transfer or simply select MAX.

Confirmation and Sending

The last step is selecting Withdrawal and confirming the transaction. At present Binance retains a 5 LTO fee, meaning the amount transferred to your LTO web wallet will be your chosen amount minus 5 LTO.
Confirmation dialog (left) and a successful withdrawal result (right).
Congratulations! After a few seconds, your LTO tokens should already appear in your web wallet.