How to use a Ledger device with LTO Network

Web wallet

Click here to access the Web Wallet:

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CLI wallet


Further Security Notes and Further Developments

Although a Ledger hardware wallet is a very secure way of storing your LTO, always initialize your account by broadcasting a transaction to enhance the security of your account effectively reducing the chances of being hit by an “Address collision”.

Some features: data transactions, mass transfers, and other new transactions -even if supported by the Ledger integration- are not supported by the web/CLI wallet. They might be implemented in future releases of the web wallet.

Ledger devices use the BIP-32 deterministic wallet generation, so even if all Cli and Web LTO wallet interfaces disappear, you will be able to recover any wallet by using your Ledger device seed.

Final Notes

Ledger hardware wallet support for LTO Network was an unofficial development by the LTO Network community. You can contribute to the projects here:


If you encounter any issue with your Ledger device, Web wallet, or CLI wallet, please join the LTO Network Tech Chat, or open an issue on Github.

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