ERC20 Token Swap

With the release of the v2 LTO ERC20 token we developed a webpage that allows users to swap their v1 tokens to the new v2 tokens.

Official Token Swap Page

The official token swap page is available at

By clicking on "Unlock Wallet", you'll be greeted with the choice of your wallet provider. WalletConnect will always be available, alongside any wallet providers you have installed on your browser (injected providers).

Once you've connected with your wallet provider, you can see your v1 and v2 token balance. To swap tokens, you must first hit "Approve", so that the contract has the required allowance to make the transaction.

This will prompt a confirmation screen with your wallet provider, which once approved, will take a few seconds to load and confirm the block. The "Swap" button should become available then.

Once again, "Swap" will prompt a confirmation screen with the wallet provider. Once everything is complete, you should be left with all your v1 tokens now swapped to v2.

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