Buying and staking LTO

Tutorials for exchanges, the official web wallet, and web wallet staking.

Buying LTO

Buying LTO tokens or crypto in general sometimes needs a little getting used to. To make it easier on you and to help you avoid mistakes in the process we summarize tutorials for the biggest exchanges (CEX and DEX) right here.


The number of exchanges offering LTO is steadily growing and writing a tutorial for every exchange is currently not feasible. Instead, we focus on markets with the biggest impact, namely Binance, Bitmax, Uniswap, and Pancake Swap, in addition to creating an abstract tutorial for other exchanges which usually offer ERC-20 LTO tokens.

After you got yourself your first LTO tokens let's dive deeper into the official LTO web wallet and LTO staking.

Staking LTO

To stake LTO with one of the public validators you will need a web wallet first. Check out our tutorial for creating one:

Staking is possible as soon as you transfer your LTO tokens from an exchange to your web wallet. Refer to this helpful tutorial to find out how:

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