Burn LTO. Annnnd it's gone...


  "type": 21,
  "version": 3,
  "id": "8M6dgn85eh3bsHrVhWng8FNaHBcHEJD4MPZ5ZzCciyon",
  "sender": "3Jq8mnhRquuXCiFUwTLZFVSzmQt3Fu6F7HQ",
  "senderKeyType": "ed25519",
  "senderPublicKey": "AJVNfYjTvDD2GWKPejHbKPLxdvwXjAnhJzo6KCv17nne",
  "fee": 100000000,
  "timestamp": 1647870282634,
  "amount": 100000000000,
  "proofs": [
  • id and height should be omitted when broadcasting. These fields are set by the node.

  • Binary strings are base58 encoded.

  • timestamp is in microseconds since epoch.

  • fee includes 8 digits, so LTO * 10^8

Binary schema

The binary data structure of the unsigned transaction.

  • Network id can be obtained by taking the 2nd byte from the sender address.

  • Each key type has a numeric id in addition to the reference from the JSON.

  • Integers (short, int, long) have a big endian byte order.

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