LTO Network

In order to activate mining, the node needs not less than 1000 LTO (for testnet we can always provide you with that, do not hesitate to contact us).

More revenue if you have enough people leasing to you and payout is not 100%. Also you can provide services on LTO Network with your node. Running a node might be profitable later on but it's not at the moment. If it is it's only marginal.

Yes, there are payout scripts that are used by node owners to pay leasers. These can also be used/adjusted to do other automateded transfers, e.g., LTOLPoSDistributor.
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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How much LTO do I need to have in order to start the mining process?
2. Where can i get the link for last mainnet state?
3. What is the incentive to run my own full node instead of leasing my coins?
4. I want to automatically send my tokens to multiple wallets on the LTO platform. Is there a program or bot?